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“Hire Manny”
The best option if you plan to see what napa offers. Manny was very professional and accomadated all our requests. Manny definitely has the best connections at every winery we visited. Very personable and entertaining I became the back seat DJ we all started singing and laughing having a great time. Since I believe in promptness manny was always on time! His attention to detail far exceeded our expectations and it was a pleasure getting to know him. Thank you! 
​April 2014

“BEST Option in Napa for a Driver for Hire!”
Every year I visit Napa Valley. I have a business on the East Coast where I take my VIP clients to Napa for a few days of wine tasting with me. This year I used Manny as our driver and I can say he exceeded our expectations. Compared to other drivers for hire in the Napa Valley I think Manny has the best connections and once you meet him you will understand why. He is wonderful. He leaves no detail undone. His contacts in the Napa Valley love him and everywhere we went we felt welcome and treated as VIPs. This is not only Manny's business, it is clear it is his passion. He loves people and it shows. He brought us a bag of fresh lemons while that we took home with us and they were awesome. As an example of going that extra mile, we told Manny we needed firewood for our fire pit that night (jokingly). When we arrived back at the car we were surprised to find firewood under each seat of the van! This is the person I want as a business partner because I know when I put my clients in his hands he does not disappoint me, as a matter of fact my clients come back saying what an awesome time they had, even the guests who do not drink! As an added bonus his rates are great. Much cheaper than a limo service and way more personal service.
February 2014

“Manny is GREAT!!!”
5 of us college seniors went to Napa for our Spring Break! Manny drove our car around and showed us the best vineyards. He is extremely entertaining and knows a lot about the area! Thanks Manny!!
March 2014

“Great personal service”
We did the winetour with our own car. Manny showed us the best places based on our wishes: small vineyards. He even fixed us free tastings. Best value and best personal service. Highly recommended.
March 2014



Thanks to a referral from a friend, my husband and I booked a limo through this company for my birthday weekend in Sonoma this year. Jineen, our concierge, was such a delight to work with. She emailed us a list of some of the best boutique wineries in Sonoma -some of which we knew to be great even before she even mentioned them, so we knew to trust her taste in wineries. We went with all of her suggestions and we are so happy we did! She even called some of the wineries ahead of time to let them know that it's my birthday. I was happily surprised to find "Happy Birthday Sophia" written on a sign with a birthday balloon attached outside Sbragia winery! Manny, our driver, picked my friends and I up exactly on time. He was thoughtful, courteous, and went out of his way to make sure our experience was smooth and enjoyable the entire time. We never felt rushed or like we were inconveniencing him at all (I've had this experience elsewhere before). He gave me a little tea light candle shaped like a wine bottle as a birthday gift (so sweet!). My friends were so glad we got to relax and actually enjoy the trip rather than worry about who's supposed to drive safely (aka missing out) during our 5-hour tour around Sonoma. Manny also accommodated us by dropping us off by our cars and helped us unload all the wine we bought at the end of the tour even though it went a few minutes over our allotted 5 hours. This birthday was one of the best birthdays I've ever had. If that's not a testament of how awesome they are, then I don't know what is. Highly recommended!

Born out of our love for fine wines and delicious food, The Napa Valley region has become a premiere location for fine dining and wine tasting attracting visitors not just from surrounding areas but worldwide. Locals like owner Manny Espinoza who has worked in the area many years in different industries like hospitality which includes catering and wine making have in depth familiarity with the whole spectrum of the industry. Before starting his own business Manny gathered a following of loyal customers as a Limo driver and private chauffeur who valued his dedication to making their experiences pleasant and memorable. Able to boast the fact that every review ever mentioned in has a rating of 5 stars here are a few: 


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